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New Kidz! Where Did This Come From???

I was walking in the store and saw this.  Did anyone know this was out???

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Update and More New Stuff!!!

I updated my visual checklist.  I am only missing about 10 things which ain't half bad for a years worth of collecting.  Also I found a whole bunch of new stuff.  You'll have to excuse some of my camera phone pictures.  I didn't necessarily want everything I saw, but knew I wanted to share:

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Visual Checklist

I am a new collector of the Bratz Kidz dolls, but I totally love them. I am one of those obsessive people that like to have every doll and every piece so I want to create a pictureguide for those of you out there like me. I am missing some and probably have some information wrong so feel free to help me get it correct. Most of it came from Wikipedia and since anyone can write one of those pages, I know I am likely to have incorrect information. I would really like to have this in the order everything came out too. If anyone has pictures of the dolls I am missing that they would like to give me permission to use until I get the doll myself, that would be great.

1st Edition:

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New Target - Full Shelves

 There was a Target that just opened today at 8 am and it had all of the Bratz Kidz and Familiez stuff that I found this weekend.  The shelves were stocked full! 


Brand Spankin' New Bratz Kidz & Lil Angelz

We got our economic stimulus check so I decided to stimulate the toy economy.   I can't believe all the new stuff I found:

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